About “Everyone”

Hi, I am Giedrė, “Everyone” founder, designer of clothing and jewelry, designer and marketing specialist, advertising creator and writer, often photographer, seller and consultant, packer and driver. I am a simple sincere woman living and enjoying my great hobby which, has become a wonderful work. “Everyone” is me with some wonderful tailors that make every handmade garment reach you.

You can meet me in a temporary “ Everyone” stores at fashion shows, exhibitions and bazaars in Lithuania, such as “Fashion Bazaar”, “Design for life”, “Pelenė”,  “Moters pasaulis” and many others.

The person you communicate with by phone, “Everyone” Facebook account and by email is me. The person you praise when the garment suit and fits you is me. And if something does not live up to your expectations, the person you’re angry with is me. I am always learning, improving and striving for the best, therefore all your feedback is essential to me.

“Everyone” brand was born in 2014 February. Unplanned, not invented, it just started… from the heart. Fashion has found me and I have found it. And it is only thanks to you, that “Everyone” has grown into a professional e-shop full of romantic, charming and especially feminine clothes. With great joy and enthusiasm we are introducing new collections every season, which receives a lot of appraisal from the buyers

Every “Everyone” garment is custom-made for you. This ensures that you get a garment that is brand new, not worn, full of the best wishes from us. I believe that with every “Everyone” piece of clothing you get the best energy that makes you look and feel wonderful. Get ready for a huge influx of surrounding compliments as with “Everyone” clothes, pleasant attention is guaranteed.

Sincerely Giedrė